More than 70% of the earth’s surface consists of water. Although only a small proportion of the ocean has been explored, the ocean is integral to life on earth, playing a critical role in removing carbon from the atmosphere, providing us with oxygen and regulating our climate and weather patterns.

The ocean also presents immense opportunities for economic growth, employment and development. Spanning multiple sectors, including oil and gas, fishing, aquaculture, shipping, tourism, offshore wind energy, mining, and marine biotechnology, the ocean economy is growing rapidly.

However, the ocean and life within it faces intrinsic challenges as temperatures rise, sea levels rise and pollution increases, trends which in many cases are linked to population and economic growth.

With our investments we create technical solutions and products for offshore activities and the operation of functional and efficient vessels. We believe in continuous improvements in incremental and financially viable steps, moving our companies, customers, and industry ever closer to a responsible future for themselves and the ocean economy.