DGR (De Goede Ree B.V.) is a family- owned and operated investment company, investing in businesses that service the maritime sector, a sector we know intimately. We are deeply passionate about everything relating to the marine industry and we enjoy sharing our enthusiasm!

Over the last 10+ years, DGR has established or acquired four maritime suppliers, and successfully exited one.
The growth in these businesses demonstrates our capabilities as entrepreneurs, business owners and operators. We actively support our investments by leveraging two generations of expertise in maritime as well as the insights from a strong supervisory board. We drive value creation through strategic guidance, nurturing innovation and sustainable solutions, and providing access to our global network of maritime expertise.

De Goede Ree b.v. (DGR 1.0) was established in the autumn of 2003 to house assets of Alet & André Tienpont – de Graaf. De Goede Ree means literally ‘A Good Anchorage’

Since 2006, De Goede Ree (DGR) has established new companies, mainly in the international maritime supply industry. De Goede Ree (DGR) always has a majority of the shares and a leading role on the Supervisory Boards.

In 2012 De Goede Ree (DGR) had successfully started as a conglomerate and it was decided to ensure continuity. This meant that the next generation of the Tienpont family entered and the conglomerate was administratively strengthened. (DGR 2.0).

In 2019, a participation was sold, which again created room for new initiatives, including the creation of an investment fund to grow faster. (DGR 3.0)

André Tienpont stepped down at the beginning of fiscal year 2020 and was succeeded by Simeon Tienpont – CEO.

At the same time, De Goede Ree (DGR) changed office and is now located at Schiedam in the Port of Rotterdam.