Offshore Independents demonstrates high standards on the project at the Nigg yard

Offshore Independents proudly looks back on their recent project at the Nigg yard in Scotland, where their responsibility was to ensure the successful load-out of jackets onto the cargo barges, as per client requirements.

In this crucial assignment, Offshore Independents demonstrated its commitment to maintaining high standards and ensuring the safe and efficient completion of tasks. Their onsite representative played a pivotal role in supervising all stages of the load-out process.

The responsibilities encompassed:

  • Guaranteeing the correct positioning of the jackets in the grillage and proper execution of welding procedures;
  • Making sure all necessary equipment was on board for the offshore crew to install the jacket; 
  • Overseeing the ballasting of the cargo barge to ensure it was properly leveled;
  • Confirming all necessary documentation was in place before sailing away.

Offshore Independents’ team’s unwavering dedication to safety, efficiency, and quality was at the forefront during the execution of these tasks. The company, located in Rotterdam, is delighted to have met their client’s expectations and looks forward to more successful collaborations in the future.